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Tall bearded Iris orders are accepted from early Spring to middle of fall each year.

Garden supplies orders are accepted and shipped all year round.  Happy shopping!

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Deer-X Deer Netting Fencing by Gardeneer

14 ' x 75'

Protective Fencing for Gardens & Landscaping


14 feet X 75 feet

3/4" polypropylene mesh with U-V inhibitors for long life.


Usage ideas:

Drape around shrubbery, build vertical or slanted fence


For repeated use, store indoors or away from sunlight as soon as harvest protection is no longer needed.


Protects against thieving Deer safely and humanely and is easy to use. This item is 3/4" polypropylene mesh with U-V inhibitors for long life and complete instructions are included.


Temporary fencing protects shrubs, trees & vegetable gardens from destructive deer
Strong and durable 3/4" mesh provides an easy and affordable alternative to metal chicken wire



For vertical fence:

- Hang and secure to posts placed no more than 15 ft. apart.

- To prevent draping, thread wire through mesh at top of fence and secure to posts.

- To create an 8 ft. fence with 7 ft. high net, elevate 1 ft. from ground and secure at bottom with wire attached to posts (fence must be taut to prevent deer from pushing under it).



For slanted fence:

- Hang fencing from vertical posts that are no more than 15 ft. apart, so that top of fence is 6 ft. high.

- Fencing should be slanted away from area you wish to protect at 45 degree angle.

- Optional slanted leg posts can be used for additional support.

- Key to effectiveness using this method: keep undergrowth mowed as the deer will walk under the overhang and be discouraged from jumping the fence.


For shrub protection:

- Create "invisible" barrier by covering shrubs, trees and ornamental plants and secure firmly to the ground (black-colored netting blends into plants and landscape).


Price: $34.95


Qty. Each

Qty. Set of 3 (save 25% on shipping charge)




Thanks for stopping in and happy gardening!



Some weather conditions destroyed our Iris name tags a few years ago.  So we are not able to guarantee Irises by names, nor colors.  We can sell our Irises in mix colors and names as grab bags, without guaranteeing their colors nor names.  To order grab bag Irises, please click HERE Normally, your order will be shipped in 2nd half of July when it's the best time to transplant Irises.

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